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Janmashtami celebrations


As part of Janmashtami celebrations held in the school on the first of September, children from grades two and three enacted popular episodes from the childhood of Krishna during a special assembly to commemorate the occasion. This musical representation also included dance recitals by the children accompanied by bhajans.

  •  On the occasion of Teachers’ Day, a special assembly was conducted on the third of September by the teaching staff. The children acknowledged the importance of good educators in shaping up their future. A poem recital and a western dance performance by the girls of grade6 and 7 were part of the program. The senior classes shouldered responsibility and did their job of student –teachers well. The day culminated with events like ‘Antakshari Competition’ and ‘Musical Chairs’, organized by the students. Ms. Kim King and Principal Ms. Sudha Rajamohan also participated in these fun events.
  •  A workshop on integrating Benjamin Blooms Taxonomy in lesson planning to encourage higher order thinking skills was held on 22nd September by Ms. Cameron Arnold. Teachers planned and desired a lesson plan based on this principle.
  •  Mr. Jason king conducted an interactive workshop on 23rd Sep’10 where the teachers brainstormed on the necessity of assessments and methods of assessing children wherein the teachers would only act as a facilitator.
    · The school welcomed ‘Shera’, the official mascot of 2010 Common Wealth Games, with open arms on the twenty-ninth of September as the first Inter- School Sports Competition, ‘Come Run With Shera’ was held in the school premises. Shera presented the hosts with a trophy for running the gala event successfully.

    The results are as follows:
    GIRLS Cluster I
    1. G D Goenka School, Dwarka- Ist Place
    2. DAV School Gurgaon- IInd Place3. Indraprastha International School, Dwarka- IIIrd Place
    GIRLS Cluster II
    1. G D Goenka School, Gurgaon- Ist Place
    2. DAPS- IInd Place
    3. Nirmal Bhartia School, Dwarka- IIIrd Place
    BOYS Cluster I
    1. G D Goenka School, Dwarka- Ist place
    2. Indraprastha International School- Ist Place3. DAV School, Gurgaon- IInd Place
    4. GEMS International School, Gurgaon- IIIrd Place
    BOYS Cluster II
    1. GEMS International School- Ist Place2. Nirmal Bhartia School, Dwarka- IInd Place
    3. DAPS- IIIrd Place

    · A workshop on English language training was organized in the school on the thirtieth for Language teachers from various schools held by Planet EDU Pvt. Ltd. which provided an overview of English Language Learning Solutions from Cambridge ESOL (English for speakers of other languages).


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