Holistic learning

A comprehensive learning programme that extends beyond the classroom

GIS offers a comprehensive learning programme that extends far beyond the confines of the classroom. Students have countless opportunities to assimilate knowledge, discover hidden talents, follow dreams and grow into well-rounded individuals. Through different facets of the residential, boarding and day student scholastic programmes, a range of skills and qualities are nurtured to stimulate holistic development.

Skills Qualities
Analysis Compassion
Creative thinking Dedication
Global perspective Humility
Logic Integrity
Leadership Respect
Enthusiasm for learning Responsibility
Confidence Self-discipline
Teamwork Tolerance

Every activity, both inside and outside the classroom, contributes towards the learning process in different but equally meaningful ways. Children are encouraged to participate in every aspect of school life with the guidance and support of experienced faculty members.


Inside the classroom

  • With a maximum of 30 students in a class, every child receives the personal attention that he/she deserves and needs
  • A broad range of subject areas are taught to provide children with flexibility when choosing their areas of specialisation
  • Special emphasis is placed on the learning of Indian and foreign languages
  • Exposure to both national and international issues helps increase awareness
  • Innovative problem-solving techniques, questioning, and active participation in discussions are strongly encouraged
  • Unique teaching methods are used to make learning a fun, interactive and engaging process
  • A practical, or project-based, approach to learning complements traditional and theoretical forms of study
  • Teachers are approachable and friendly, forming a parent-like association with every child. They encourage children to think, question and freely express themselves during lessons


Outside the classroom

  • Yoga, meditation and prayer form an integral part of the school curriculum so that students have calm and unburdened minds
  • A mandatory co-curricular programme ensures that children step out of their comfort zones and endeavour to learn new skills
  • Celebrations of cultural festivals and historic occasions, both national and international, foster a spirit of togetherness
  • Inter-house and school-wide events help the children to showcase their talents
  • Eminent guests and personalities frequently visit the campus to hold meaningful interactions with students
  • Children are encouraged to initiate and manage student-run clubs to bring together those with similar interests
  • Excursions, field trips and off-campus activities are frequently organised to explore areas of interest