Courses and subjects

From kindergarten to year XII

Early Years

We provide a homely, safe and fun-filled environment that will help your child develop their social, emotional, motor and cognitive skills. The Playway curriculum offers a programme of child-centred activity-based learning; while encouraging students' natural curiosity and confidence, we focus on the development of behaviours that will enable them to become active and focused learners in a classroom setting. A balance of outdoor and indoor activities ensures there is an emphasis on fun and enrichment. Each child's progress is closely-monitored.

The Early Years education phase features 3 years of activities which focus on preparing children for school prior to the commencement of formal primary education; the purpose of this is to lay a firm foundation of age-appropriate learning readiness. At GEMS, we nurture and encourage developmental progression and skills such as bodily-kinaesthetic learning; personal, social and emotional development (PSED); communication; language; and self-confidence. These are further enhanced by a range of hands-on experiential activities organised by our well-trained team. Holistic development is the paramount aim of the pedagogy; a thematic approach that encompasses inquiry-based discovery aids the learning journey of our little ones.

Primary Years

GIS follows the CBSE curriculum. The students will study four main subjects along with general knowledge (GK). Alongside the regular curriculum, extra classes help to enhance etiquette, values and public speaking skills.


21st century teaching at GIS

Our teaching methodology is based upon exploration and inquiry-led experiential learning:

  • Differentiated instruction to accommodate different learning styles
  • Collaborative learning
  • Student-centered/flipped classroom learning
  • Learning focused not so much on the 'how?' but on the ‘why?’
  • Problem solving skills
  • Critical, analytic and reflective thought

We also place great emphasis on language acquisition through our world languages programme.

Senior Classes

  • 100% results at Grade X and XII for the second consecutive year
  • 21st century classrooms
  • Innovative and ingenious teaching methodology
  • Multi–faceted co-curricular activities for personality and skills development
  • Regular Model United Nations (MUN) sessions
  • Learning beyond the confines of the classroom is encouraged
  • Child-centric teaching
  • Differential teaching
  • Extra assistance for students with special needs 
  • Regular remedial classes help to improve subject proficiency
  • Classes follow the NCF curriculum devised by CBSE for Grades IX – XII
  • Choice of French as a third language from Grade IV onwards