Co-curricular activities

For all ages


Beyond the classroom, every GEMS school offers enriching experiences and co-curricular activities. Students can take part in activities all year round to pursue their interests and develop and new ones.

From creative and performing arts to subject extensions and sporting activities, we offer a range of activities to suit every energetic young mind. Enrichment365 activities build students' aspirations, give them solid foundations and allow them to develop transferable skills as well as helping them to make new friends and have fun.  


GEMS Independent School has a mandatory co-curricular programme that fully supports each child’s learning. The programme has five modules, each of which are comprised of several activities targeted at different age groups.

Sports and games

Besides nurturing their athletic talents, this module helps students develop their teamwork skills. Qualified trainers and coaches assist in a wide range of sports and games including athletics, basketball, cricket, football, tennis, volleyball, rugby, kho kho, badminton, chess, table tennis, aerobics, martial arts and yoga.

Performing arts

This module enables students to express themselves creatively through performing arts such as Indian and Western dance and music. Students use a range of instruments including drums, guitars and synthesisers.

Creative interests

Students pursue hobbies and interests such as calligraphy, clay modelling, drawing, gardening, needlework, origami, painting and pottery.

Personality development

The importance of interpersonal and communication skills cannot be underestimated. This module helps prepare students to handle challenging social and professional situations with confidence through debate, elocution and etiquette observance.

Service initiatives

In addition to becoming knowledgeable individuals, it is important for children to become responsible adults. Under this module, students are encouraged to put others’ interests before their own and get involved in helping out the local community and with activities centering around environmental protection, library assistance, news board management and school magazine projects.